Friday, November 21, 2008

Face Painting

I went to a Dress Up party last night- Horror theme !
It was a great set up, and everyone got real creative.

Bez and I went a bit off theme, I was a Zebra and he came as a Flat Rat.

I painted Sams' face for him and he ended up looking like the slave from the Mighty Boosh - Fountain of Youth episode

Not My War

I was in a short film the other day. My mate Ellery called me up a few days before the shoot and asked me if i was keen. I've never acted before, but it wasn't an opportunity to miss. So i wagged school for the day and headed down to Ellery's old holiday house in Hillsville.

The film was about a young kid going off to war and the confusion of the whole situation. Pretty much i played the kid going off to war and there was another lady who played my mother. 

The whole situation was very new and exciting to me. It was interesting observing how a film is put together and all the different shots needed for each scene. Most of the time spent was setting up lights, cameras and the positioning of everything for each different scene. Acting is hard work!.......even tho i didnt have many lines. 

The film should hopefully be edited by the end of the year, i'll post some more photos when i get sent screen shots.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have put two of my tracks up on Triple J Unearthed

Check out my profile and view my songs here!!

Vote Or Die...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catching Trainz With Mobile Phonez

My shitty mobile phone camera always comes in handy when i see something interesting through out the day. My phone has become an album full of random pictures i document

here are some photos from my daily train journeys!

When the river runs dry

This would of been tasty as...

When sitting next to this guy

Safety first!

BB Beach

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Connex

Dear Connex you’re a fucking disgrace. How dare you waste my time and over half of Melbourne’s with your shit fucking service. Stop slowing this city down with your lazy broke ass system. You have so many fat staff walking around doing nothing, and u still cannot find the time to keep people informed on what is happening. Since when does a Sandringham train go down the Frankston line without warning? Also your bus services can suck my balls. A 40-minute trip shouldn’t take four hours, I could be half way to Sydney by now. And lastly to the stupid connex woman who tried to talk back to me and my mate….I know where you live!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Blog began like this..

My friend Jimmy and i made the last minute decision to go on a day trip during the long weekend. We decided to go to Cathedral Ranges which is about two and a half hours out of Melbourne. The night before we over packed making sure we had enough stuff JUST in case we stayed the night, tent, sleeping bags, hammer, hacksaw .....stuff like that. After a long drive we set off on a days hiking mission.

About ten minutes in i started to feel the wrath of being unfit, and the regret of not bring my asthma puffer along. An hour later i was tired and hungry, i had only eaten two pieces of toast all day and my stomach was asking for nice feeding!!
That was when it hit me, i had left the packing to Jimmy and all we had to eat and drink where two muesli bars and a small 250ml bottle of water!! With so little on hand the rationing started!! half a muesli bar each and a sip of water at a time.

About two hours in we made it to one of the Mountains peaks. The views where awesome, so we climbed up the rocks to get some sweet shots!.

Walking up the Mountain was considerably harder due to the fact we had no sweet hiking gear on. Instead we overcompensated with two jumpers each, some old dingy runners, jeans and a business shirt ( Jimmy ).

While on the walk Jimmy recognized the calls of the wonderful Lyre Bird. Excited to find the bird we followed its calls, scaling off the track deep up into the mountain.

The Lyre BIrd is rarely seen in their natural habitat and are most notable for their superb ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds from their environment.

This is a video i took of The Lyre Bird (bad quality, but the music is great)

Be vvery vvvvery quiet!

Tougher conditions meant tougher walking

And a few hours later we had made it too Cathedral peak...what a view

After seeing Wombat crossing signs everywhere we where hoping to come across one on the drive home.

Unfortunately this is all we got!

one more...

And after 8 hours of hiking with hardly any food or water, i decided to treat myself a nice Seafood dinner.

Monday, November 3, 2008