Monday, September 14, 2009

A Feeding

Some food of recent,

Ice Creammm

Government warning - may contain STDees

Another Gyoza Dose

Tasty mountain

I miss Pizza

Taco flavored kisses

American air-force food

Cheap 24 hour fast food

Chicken Jerky

My favorite Ramen shop, with the lot

Weird Japanese Condom sucking ice cream device, for people who miss the breast feeding

Thursday, September 10, 2009

24 Hour Train People

I decided to see if I could get to Osaka for as cheap as possible, so i set of on a crazy little mission with a chain smoking Frenchmen. The day started of with an early morning feed at Yoshinoya. Then it was to Shibuya Station where I got the ticket man to write me a list of local trains and times all the way to Osaka. It pretty much read that to get there we would have to change the train 10 times over ten hours....sweet. After being on the train for about an hour I realized that it would of been a good idea to pack some food with us. With only a few minutes between each train change there was no time to go to the toilet or to get food, so things got a bit messy and at one point I had to piss in a bottle on the platform while waiting to get on my next train.

We arrived in Osaka at around 7 o'clock - Cost of trip half a kids ticket each ( 30 yen ).

Got some street Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) which is one of Osaka's most famous dishes.

Square but seriously expensive about 230 Australian Dollars

STD - Smoke That Doobie

A cheap trip meant no accommodation, so after a few hours of exploring it was time to lay down the tarp and get a few hours rest.

In the morning I woke up to a traditional gay french salute.

We left Osaka at 7 in the morning and headed to Kyoto, the home of Temples. In the war America stopped bombing Kyoto in respect for how beautiful this city actually is.

If I ever had a warrant for my arrest I'd want a stylish poster like this.

Kyoto Style Wars

Sifting through dried peaches

Precautionary measures a must

Last we visited the famous Gold Temple - Kinkakuji

After a quick look around Kyoto we rushed back to the station to get the 2pm back to Tokyo. While changing trains at some random station we thought we had enough time to get some food, this was a bad mistake that costed us an extra 2 hours. We got back to Shibuya at 12:30 on the last train, which was lucky any later and we would of been stranded. Cost of trip home (120 yen)

Two days, Two cool cities, 24 hours on the train and Two stupid tourists.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Went to a sweet festival in Asakusa with some friends

Asahi Beer Flame

Japan is full of Paris Hilton style puppy dogs. Stylish accessories that shit on your carpet.

This guy takes care of the incenses ash, always keepin it fresh.

Cute traditional Japanese girl

Freshen up your Roller Doors

Street Dancing

Home brew

Yeah I did it I finally tasted Whale, it's pretty good taste kinda like raw tuna.