Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The small tropical island of Guam.

We had to get away for a couple of days. So we decided the best way to escape some Visa heat would be with some tropical heat...ya dig.

We arrived late at night to a full moon,

It was late and we were hungry and to our bitter disappointment the hotel didn't offer room service. We tried our luck with the local bush tucker, but the slippery things kept getting away.

The sun finally rose to give us our first proper glimpse of paradise.

On the way into town we got stuck in a bit of local human traffic.

The beach was looking mighty fine.

I really wanted a coconut for breakfast, so I found a pole next to a palm tree on the beach and ripped one down. It took me a good ten minutes trying to crack it open.

It finally broke open and I drank the juice from inside.

The thing wasnt ripe at all and it tasted pretty shit, but all in all it was worth it.

After a nice swim we got in our hire car and went bush. In search of some hidden beaches and something off the map.

The first beach we came to was closed, so he headed down an unmarked road in hope of finding something special. On the way we found this sweet church out in the middle of nowhere.
While taking this photo some
Hillbillies drove past and we stared chatting. They said if we wanted to see a proper beach we had to keep following the road until we saw their brother Victor.

Sure enough 10 minutes down the road we met a guy called Victor mowing his lawn out the front of his property. We told him that we had met his brothers and we wanted to visit his private beach. He was more then happy for us to take the car down his driveway and check it out.

This is what we found


The most beautiful beach I have ever been to and we had it all to ourselves.

Met a few tiny locals

Tropical sashimi

As the sun set on the beach it lit up the sky like a tropical wet dream.

Dinner time

Tasty Shit

Adam gave a really big tip that night, he felt a great connection with our waitress Joelyn. She truly did like him, but they both knew long distance wasn't going to work. So they parted ways that night, one a bit richer and the other a little less wiser.

Still full mooning, we went to the cinemas and saw Inglorious Bastards.
Thumbs Up.

The next day we went skydiving.

They tried to charge us $150 for photos of the experience.
I've tried to recreate the jump as best as possible. But really, words and photos cant describe the feelings or the amazing birds eye view we had that day, so jump and do it yourself.

After flying we got back in the car to explore the south of the island.

Riding Dirty!

I wish I could play an instrument.

For our homies.

It rained towards the end of the day, but it was still hot and humid.

So we had one last swim, staying in the water to watch the sun set.

Hotel LeoPalace or as the locals call ReoPalace.

On the journey we lost one of our hub caps. We FoUnD a replacement but it would seem it had grown a few sizes to big, much to the amazement of us and the car rental joint.

The end

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mix & Mash

Ueno Zoo
I was hoping to see Ling Ling the Panda, but she dead...

The Hairless Mole Rat
"Suck it out of a hose"



Not even the tooth fairy would...

American Air Force Base
I got interrogated and pulled to the side, they asked me what my interst was in going to an US Army Base, I LYK PlANES I GESS


I found a Baseball Bat, Adam and I gave it some sweet designs with the soldering iron. We hit a few Babe Ruths down at the park. Then unfortunately the land lordhole through it out.

Kamakura Beachin

Vegetarian Fun

Stickers That Decorate

New Wheel, thanks Tommy and Bjew

The one who has it all sussed

Yayogi stylin

Scratching The Disease